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This is a truly brilliant musical, made more special because it isn't often produced. We knew people would love it if we could just get them in the door.

We confronted the obvious, saying: Yes, this show sounds boring — but it's anything but. We put a human face on the show, just as the show puts a human face on history.


America's Prize-Winning Musical
Music and Lyrics by: Sherman Edwards
Book by: Peter Stone
Directed by: Stephen Terrell

If you think a musical about the signing of the Declaration of Independence won't be fun, then think again! 1969's Best Musical Tony winner may have been one of Broadway's most unlikely hits, but the verdict is in: It's a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Soon you too will vote "yea" for 1776!

Forget what you read in history books — this is the true story. It's the hot summer of 1776, and the nation is ready to declare independence...if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! This funny, insightful and intelligent musical explores our nation's history in such and enjoyable way that you're sure to be enthralled.

Historian and composer Sherman Edwards teamed up with legendary scriptwriter Peter Stone to bring the Founding fathers to life by revealing their fears and foibles.

1776 puts a human face on the pages of history as you see the men behind the national icons. Meet John Adams, a prickly and sometimes insufferable know-it-all; Ben Franklin, wise, humorous and a touch bawdy; and lovesick Thomas Jefferson, a newlywed who just wants to get home from Congress to his lonely bride. Full of vivid roles and big, big performances, this is "a musical with style, humanity, wit and passion." - The New York Times. 1776 is a "dazzling Fourth of July fireworks display... that leaves a glowing afterimage of a proud history." - Clive Barnes, New York Post.